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M.A.G.S. -Wait

Indie artist M.A.G.S. released his new album ‘Say Things That Matter’ that takes you on a stunning journey through different genres. 


Splaze - Tried To Give

Armed with big dreams and plenty of energy to spare, Splaze seeks to positively influence the world and connect with people through his music.


Voxur - Down

Voxur released his new uplifting track ‘Down’, telling his listeners that it’s ok to feel down sometimes.


POLYDRIVE - Not Me Anymore

“We wanted to write a breakup song from the perspective of the person doing the breaking up part” – POLYDRIVE


book NOT brooke - On my way

Brooklyn Forbes released her debut EP called ‘Egoic Illusion’ and shares what has been on her mind for the last 18 months.

book NOT brooke

Joe Traxler - Don't Dance

Joe expresses his most personal life experiences in his music giving him an authentic edge as an artist.

Joe Traxler

Natalie Grace - Driver's Seat

“Anyone can groove to this and I think it’s the perfect summer song to blast in a car with all the windows open!” – Natalie Grace

Natalie Grace

dba James - Heaven Is Forever

Dba James released his new EP ‘Heaven Is Forever’ about lessons that he has learned in originality.

dba James