SIIMBA - Rise Up

“My goal with this album was to be able to share what being present can feel like to me in hopes to share that moment and experience with you.” – SIIMBA


Saint Djuni - All Of My Friends

“Lonely days and lonely nights should always be replaced by having joyful and happy moments with friends and family.” – Saint Djuni

Saint Djuni

Buttered - It Don't Matter

The new release from Buttered ‘It Don’t Matter’ explains to remain present and to not wander off into thoughts from the past that don’t matter anymore.


Keiji Nishio - DEAD TO ME

A common theme throughout my songs is showing vulnerability and allowing the listener to get a first hand look into my mind.” – Keiji Nishio

Keiji Nishio

Loome - BIG TALK

‘BIG TALK’ by Loome is about those dreaded break-up chats that sometimes make you feel relieved instead of guilty.


Soul Dolphin - No Expectations

The band Soul Dolphin released their beautiful new dreamlike album called ‘Founders of the Modern World’.

Sould Dolphin