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Nother - Lines (ft. Moon Leap)

Nother’s new album ‘Future Is Bright’ will emerge you into a mindblowing electronic soundscape.

Raquel Liane - Fruits of My Labor

Aiming to inspire self-love, confidence, and living in the present moment, Raquel Liane released her new EP ‘ F.L.I.R.T.’.

Raquel Liane

Madelyn Mandry - A Thousand Miles

Madelyn Mandry’s new single ‘A Thousand Miles’ is about breaking up with someone due to long distance.

Madelyn Mandry

Audriix - Taking Back My Life

Audriix wrote her new song ‘Taking Back My Life’ about her toxic engagement that was recently broken off.


Vana Liya - Round n Round (ft. Pepper)

‘Round n Round’ is about loneliness and wanderlust familiar to the timeless wayfaring traveler who stray far from home to follow their muse across the globe.

Melle - Wrong Time

Melle puts a modern twist on R&B with her new single ‘Wrong Time’, and hopes to connect with others through her music.


Frogmorton - I Just Wanna Dance

“I Just Wanna Dance is mainly about the importance and healing nature of simply letting loose and having a good time.” – Frogmorton