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Mauvey - Sunday Afternoon

“Sunday Afternoon is about being so obsessed with someone that only ‘the biggest night out of all time’ will get your mind off them.” – Mauvey


SOI - Sundrop (ft. Kelly & Helium Youth)

‘Sundrop’ by SOI, Kelly and Helium Youth brings a smooth, soulful sound to the summer vibe.


SACHA. - Heart of Stone (ft. CANDILIUM)

‘Heart of Stone’ is about chasing your dreams and aspirations, but also having moments of doubt. 

Alexnder Luna - BIG STUNNA (ft. Prima, .disfnk, Kids at War)

“BIG STUNNA is the perfect song to play with the windows rolled down on your way to the beach.” – Alexnder Luna

Alexnder Luna

Alessandra Boldrini - Blind To You

‘Blind To You’ by Alessandra Boldrini is about the importance of self-love and independence in a relationship.

Alessandra Boldrini

A Certain Energy - Foreign

‘Foreign’ by A Certain Energy is about the ideology of always striving for more, and excelling in your field to the very top.

A Certain Energy

Ksenia - Girl From The Forest

Ksenia celebrates her Russian roots with her new rap single called ‘Girl From The Forest’.