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VISSIA - My Wom (Moses Belanger Remix)

Producer Moses Belanger turns VISSIA’s latest single ‘My Wom’ into an electronic dance track. 

Trav B Ryan - Leo Woman

Trav B Ryan wrote this song to uplift the Leo Woman, make her feel confident, comfortable, and sexy in her own skin.

Trav B Ryan

Cable TV - Caught Up

Combining his fluid vocals with uplifting synths, Cable TV released his new track ‘Caught Up’.

Tiny Anthem - Take My Money

With his new track ‘Take My Money’, Tiny Anthem’s goal is to make people groove and move to his sound.

Tiny Anthem

Sol Paradise - She Don't Want My Love

Sol Paradise combines jazz, dance and neo-soul in his self-produced debut EP called ‘Forest’.

Sol Paradise

Pacific K - Light Variation

Pacific K band member Kristaps, stripped down the original track to guitar and vocals which resulted in a beautiful minimalistic sound.

Pacific K