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Sid the Void - Trophy Case

‘Trophy Case’ by Sid the Void is about trying to hold onto a connection with someone that’s obviously fading.

DANIEL - Love Pill

With his new single ‘Love Pill’, Daniel delves deep into his experiences with love and loss and why it is important to him.

L E M F R E C K - Kings (ft. INFAMOUSIZAK)

L E M F R E CK wrote his track ‘Kings’ featuring INFAMOUSIZAK as a memoir, like a story of how he got where he is today.

SJÖBLOM - Brand New Life

“It’s the sort of indie song I’ve always wanted to write, cause it’s part of my roots.” – SJÖBLOM

Ivon Roberts & A.M.K - Solo.

‘Solo.’ by Ivon Roberts & A.M.K is a pop anthem of self-love and confidence, perfect for ‘Hot Girl Summer.’