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Abigail Bleu - Wife This

Abigail Blue’s debut single ‘Wife This’, relates to the people trying to get into a deeper relationship with someone else.

Abigail Bleu

The Foxtails - Waste of a Night

‘Waste of a Night’ by indie-pop duo The Foxtails is a story about romanticizing a one night stand. 

The Foxtails

Analog Dog - Disco Dani, Pt. 1

With their project ‘Disco Dani’ the group has tapped into an ‘old school meets new school’ sonic palette, delivering a big sound with a big groove.

Analog Dog

Trav B Ryan - Nightmare On Elm Street

‘Nightmare On Elm Street’ is about going from seeing your lover everyday to not wanting to see them at all after a break up. 

Trav B Ryan

Gold Frames on Brown Skin - Anti-Naruto (No Simp) (ft. Big Rube)

Gold Frames on Brown Skin temas up with Big Rube for their new hip-hop track ‘Anti-Naruto (No Simp)’.

Chinoe - Ashes

Chinoe’s latest single ‘Ashes’ is about a moment in time when he was struggling with extreme anxiety and what he was feeling at the time.