Jonas Hahn & Felish - Like Fire

‘Like Fire’ is a song about that passionate love connection when you’re ready for your partner to take things to the next level.

Holly Jade - still high

“Still High’ by Holly Jade, is a dreamy lo-fi pop track about deciphering a past relationship.

Holly Jade

YXL Ayo - G.R.A.

Leading member of the creative group Young and Living YXL Ayo, dropped his new EP ‘IBUKUN’.


Ger - Love Tattoo

‘Love Tattoo’ by Ger was recorded at 4am, drunk in a bathroom at a party with his friends.


Dinah Is - I'm New

‘I’m New’ is all about moving forward, recreating a stronger version of yourself, whilst accepting the past.

Dinah Is

Lo Rays - Atom by Atom

Energetic alt-rock and dark pop come together in Glasgow-based band Lo Rays’ new single Atom by Atom.

Lo Rays

The Gregorio - All That I Need

‘All That I Need’ describes a journey of abandoning religious faith, and questioning life-long held beliefs.

The Gregorio