GIYA - Blood

Surreal and almost dystopian, it is the perfect pairing to a song about nights lost in the city amidst a blur, and details the dizziness of metropolitan life.


Fonteray - Stay Close

Contained within its polished and warm production, ‘Stay Close’ is propelled forward by its textured and undulating soundscape.


Playa Rivera - Time

“Have you ever had a crush on someone that doesn’t even know you exist? Well, send them this song.” – Playa Rivera

Playa Rivera

Dazey Lee - Summertime Fine

“Summer Time fine is my ode to self-Love, body Positivity, and being nice to your body. ” – Dazey Lee

Dazey Lee

Maguera - Sand Castles

After three years of silence, Maguera finally released a new summer vibe called ‘Sand Castles’.


Looney Gloomers - Shark Feet

‘Shark Feet’ is a song about people who take too much without giving back and the problem that this behaviour brings.

Looney Gloomers

Sour Blood - Sleep Paralysis

Sour Blood’s work is an otherworldly space, straddling the line between memory and dream.

Sour Blood