Lavi$h - Sunset Blvd

Lavi$h releasing his debut single Sunset Blvd for his upcoming EP.

About Lavi$h

Lavi$h was born in Zambia and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He recently relocated to Toronto. Lavi$h began songwriting & recording throughout his school years. After gaining some traction he was able to build a loyal fanbase. Lavi$h’s sound is a mixture of hip-hop, pop and r&b music. This allows for a unique rhythmic mixture which Lavi$h is known for. 

Sunset Blvd

Lavi$h’s “Sunset Blvd” is a perfect example of his rhythmic mixture. The track blends r&b, pop and hip-hop together in an energetic masterpiece. To complement the track they shot a music video in Los Angeles that features all the aspirational hallmarks of a Californian lifestyle.

Listen to Sunset Blvd by Lavi$h.