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15 new tracks for your playlist!

Premier Métro - Mascara

Marc Sway - Vibe

Tiam Wills, - Italodisco Squad (Orbital Drum System Remix)

Watermelon Boy, Bogo Blay - Mereba

Other Gods - Games

Dj Remo, Ada - Rules

Sara Pelayo - Cut Me Open

Monsieur Neige, Tiaz Odia - You

Martin Kohlstedt - DIA (Birdd Rework)

JENNY & ME - Je suis la reine

Jggy - Falling For You

Adeline V. Lopez - to the boys i gew up with

Thexele - Forget Our Love (Dance)

Anita Cane Violins - Ad Occhi Aperti

Jody Lynn - Unleash the Rebels