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Carl Liungman – Shine

Carl Liungman’s melodies weave a tapestry of Pop ballads, classical piano mastery, and ethereal New Age soundscapes. His compositions are infused with the influence of musical greats such as Arvo Pärt, John Legend, Max Richter, Coldplay, Hans Zimmer, and Keith Jarrett. With Shine, Carl unveils an intimate and personal collection of 13 original piano pieces, building upon the emotional depth of his previous album BORN, released in 2020. 


While BORN was a lively collection of sound, Shine is a serene and contemplative journey, recorded on an upright Schimmel piano in the tranquil countryside of Southern Sweden. His ultimate goal as an artist is to use music as a medium to convey profound messages of existence and spark introspection into the essence of life.

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